Sunday, January 4, 2015

Daily Painting, another view

I just listened to a Webinar with Mary Bentz Gilkerson on 7 tips to improve your painting skills. The first tip, and the one she continued to stress, was daily painting. To paraphrase, you develop your own style with a brush in your hand. You can't do it without putting in the work. And people who paint daily will improve. So to that end I'm posting today's sketch (yep, according to Mary daily sketches and work ups to get ready for a painting count as daily painting)'s a watery mess, but I do love the way things look when watercolor runs I need to learn how to tighten it up after it dries without overworking....Wet in wet was also a good summary of today's weather, gray and rainy and just plain soggy. I love the Pacific Northwest!!

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