Monday, January 19, 2015

Dino, first try with apologies to Leilani and Susana

I've been thinking about my friend, Susana, who would like nothing better than to be here at home, playing with her new grandson. Instead she's been in Chile since before Christmas due to a family emergency. I knew I'd never get a likeness without doing a transfer first, but it was a crappy transfer. My mistake was that I persisted, figuring this is just the first try. And in spite of the transfer I don't think it much resembles Dino----he's way cuter! But I have to post something today and this is what I've been working on.....

As you can tell I had a really hard time getting the skin tone I'm throwing in the towel on this one and moving on to the next project.....Hopefully the transfer will go smoother on my next try.

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