Saturday, January 31, 2015

Posting and traveling

Huh! It never occurred to me that I'd have trouble posting pictures to the blog from my iPad! In truth I don't paint every day but on the days I do I try to paint a lot. So I have paintings to cover this weekend while I'm in Spokane. But last night I couldn't get that day's painting posted so I put it directly on Facebook. When I get home I'll try to catch up on the blog....

I'm visiting my niece who is in graduate school in Spokane. Last night she and her roommates were talking about their 'like lists,' things they like a lot bordering on obsessions, and how it was useful if you needed an idea for a project. I do that with my Inspiration file of pics on the computer. But I can see making a list would be a fun thing to do. Topping my list this morning would be 'strong coffee,' which I do not have yet! I made the motel coffee per instructions but less water....and it's still pretty dilute! But we're going to Shauna's favorite coffee place this morning....,wonder how late grad students sleep on a Saturday?

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