Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday, all day

I did not sleep well last night! So maybe I was projecting a little when I did this piece....Betty Wilkins does beautiful art with collage. I sort of randomly painted a panel to get rid of the white then glued down part of a poem (in French, found on the street in Revel in September. Someone had apparently left the text block in the trash while rebinding with the original covers). If the Google translator is to be believed, the title of the poem is Spring Awakening.....with those big eyes and that look on her face it must have been a hard winter!

I thought I'd get lots more painting done today but instead went to an excellent lecture on Golden products by Barbara dePirro. Golden's products are superior, but what I really like is how much emphasis they put on education. They pay practicing artists like Barbara to talk about and demonstrate their products...and they have a wonderful web site with lots of information about their products and ways to use them. And with Derek Gundy giving discounts on art products purchased today by those of us who came to Artist's Edge in Poulsbo to hear Barbara's talk it was win/win. But a lifetime will not be long enough to use all the art stuff I have....I think I need to have an art open house soon...

Oh, yeah, the painting...which was really mainly collage (thanks for the colored paper, Chris Cuneo).