Saturday, January 10, 2015

So far so good

I worked a good part of the day yesterday on this picture of Weston (although the resemblance was better in the drawing). Last night I finally quit knowing it was not done. This morning I got back and replaced his eyes...added some stuff....Never quite got it to be Weston but I am finished! Except, crap! Now that I look at the picture I need to go back and make those eyelids blend a little more! Well, if I change it I'l post it. Otherwise I'm going back upstairs to work on another glass face. I can only fire one large face at a time so I will need to buy another large shelf soon...or plan a little better!
It does feel good to be working upstairs again---pellet stove is burning and dogs are keeping me company. I'd better finish this latte and get back upstairs!

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