Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weston on a crevice walk

My sister, who lives on several hundred acres in Central Texas, loves to take her grandkids on what she calls a 'crevice walk.' The kids and Mary walk out to the tank on their property, which apparently has lots of irregular ground around it, some crevices a foot or so deep. Her youngest grandchild and only grandson (so far) went on his first crevice walk recently and she took a picture of it. I tried to paint the picture based on the photo....well, as my husband says, it was a picture of a whole kid, the face was small and easy to mess up. I just insisted on putting that spot of light on the dark side of his face, as it was in the photo, and I'm not sure that it reads well. It's not nearly as cute as Weston is so I'll have to try another picture of him again.....What struck me about this picture was how much a he looked like a big boy....I don't know if it was the hair cut or the new status as a crevice walker, but he looks like he's grown a lot just since Christmas!

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