Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why is a likeness so hard to achieve?

We are having a beautiful spring like day here in the Pacific NW. Seahawks are on their way to Arizona---I'll be driving home from Spokane during the Super Bowl! Not a good plan....but hopefully someone will text me with the score.

Our neighbor, Jerianne, just came up to pick up the picture of her dog, Charlie, that I posted yesterday. She thinks it looks just like him! I sold my first painting....for a batch of chocolate chip cookies! But then I worked on this painting today, of a familiar face but without an image transfer.....and it could be anyone! Or no one, but not the person I was thinking of at any rate! Oh, well, what to do but keep plugging away...I'm not 30 days into this daily painting thing so can't expect much progress yet. But I am having fun!

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