Tuesday, February 3, 2015

She just wouldn't give up

This face has been through several transformations.....first she was acrylic, very youthful looking. With my increasing age I'm getting more interested in faces that tell stories, so I made her more crone like.....then continued working on it, trying to get the skin tones more even. Then used baby wipes and wiped her almost all the way back to the beginning...but those eyes continued to be prominent and soulful.....tried some pastel (I don't do pastel), then tried washing it off! At one point it looked like she was crying so I put her away until tonight and tried to resurrect her. I guess I'm stopping here.....she seems okay about it.


  1. Thanks, Shauna! Glad to know you look at this from time to time!

  2. Leave her alone. She is talking through those eyes.

  3. Thanks, Mary Ellen Ballew!! I WILL leave her alone!