Saturday, March 21, 2015

Scraping the bottom of the painted ahead of time barrel!

And I'm not sure when I'll get another good painting day I went to a new cool art store in Edmonds (just a ferry ride and a walk from home) to hear Barbara DePirro's talk on Golden products. Again. This is the third time and I think I'm finally retaining it enough to try some things. She presents tons of information, is well organized, thorough, and a great speaker (even if she is a shy girl at heart). If you ever get the chance to hear her or take a class from her you should! Meanwhile, that took a good chunk out of the day. When I got home Bill drove in with a pick up load of compost and we just finished spreading that in the garden and greenhouse. No painting for me this here is another acrylic face, made by scrubbing off leftover acrylic on to a piece of cardboard and eventually finding the face. Bill says he looks like an ax murderer! I think he looks like he's got some kind of eye thing going on...or some anomaly.....they can't all rock, I guess!

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