Saturday, May 16, 2015

Crazy day

We never saw the sun today (although I'll bet it was sunny south of us....we seem to stay in this low cloud weather longer). But it was great for me getting stuff done. I spent the day tearing paper down to make the second book for the bookmaking class I'm taking with Roz Stendahl through Ruzuku. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning to make case bound books. And when I wasn't doing that I was working on two pet paintings I'm doing---a commission!!!--for a neighbor. I tried napping a couple of times when I realized I kept tearing the paper wrong because I was tired! But that didn't work and I"d get back to it. After painting over one of the dog's faces I called it a day, came in and poured a glass of wine, and started looking at Pinterest. Then I noticed the roses I'd cut earlier in the day, and the pure geometricalness of the biggest bloom. And I grabbed my watercolors and did this. It was a pleasure! This is what I love to do, fast watercolor sketches.

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