Saturday, October 17, 2015

Almost forgot this one

In trying to space out my blogposts post Dreama workshop I almost forgot to post this one. This is the second painting I did once I got home from Dreama's class. I wiped off the first under painting so didn't get quite back all the way to the white of the canvas....but I like it. I need to figure out how to a better....well, why even start?! It just comes with  have several pictures to choose from for my third painting and am heading upstairs to start another. Hope I'll have another one to post soon.

A friend who is a potter came last night and we had the conversation about finding a commercially popular style versus doing what excites her. Her ongoing discipline is finding the balance of both of these. But since I have my day job I can just do what is fun! Got to remember....I'm doing it for the joy of doing it.....(breathe, repeat....)

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