Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dreama's class

What an amazing opportunity I had to study with Dreama Tolle Perry! She is talented and knowledgeable and encouraging and positive...all the things you want a teacher to be. Here is the first painting I did in her class, from her photo. She demonstrated a step, we would try to emulate it, then she would do the next step until finished. I wish I'd brought her home with me! I've done one since being home and started another today but could sure use her assessing eye.

From the workshop:


  1. I;ve put one of her classes on my wish list! She's been absent from new blog posts for a few months, working on a "special project" and I pray the project is a video class! If it is, I'm in!

    1. Hi, Jeanette!! Good to hear from you....and prayers are often answered!