Monday, December 28, 2015

So far only one painting

I had great plans to do a lot of painting while I'm off for the holidays...but actually I have finished just this one! I have done lots of fun, creative stuff, but not much painting (other than quick journal sketches).....this is inspired by a little guy I know, but has very little resemblance to him! But it was fun to do....I couldn't get the skin tones right in acrylic so ended up with oils right at the end because they were a little more even. By the way, that is a paperwhite narcissus, not quite blooming yet. I hear he likes to sing to it.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Getting back to journaling

It's a goal for the new year....along with learning to spin novelty yarn. So far this holiday I've made about half a dozen scarves using a collection of handspun from Denton, TX, days, and a variety of other textured yarns. I use fabric stabilizer to hold it all together while it's stitched, then wash out the stabilizer....pretty fun and pretty immediate!

Our kitchen smells heavenly, of paperwhite narcissus, spices, and tangerines.....the smells of Christmas! I did some direct painting of paperwhites and the tangerines, then went back with pencil to try to define the shapes a little more. Fun stuff!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Finally, a painting I can post!

I have been working on some other paintings....but my husband was so horrified of one I'd done of my niece I didn't dare post it! (Okay, it didn't really look like her....but it wasn't THAT bad!!). Anyway, back to painting on cardboard....I think it might be my favorite substrate!!! This is a version of one of my favorite spots in our yard...back when the Adirondacks were still there as well as the overturned pot and saucer as a bird bath....several years working on black gesso!