Sunday, April 9, 2017

A somewhat sunny day

This was supposed to be our sunny day...we did eventually see the sun and it wasn't raining, so no complaints. We walked in town, I came home and planted lettuce and carrots, did a little weeding (not that it doesn't need major weeding, just that I am trying to take it easy) and discovered the primroses that come up every year (hidden in the grass). I did a sketch of that, along with a sketch of a friend's beautiful baby granddaughter. A good day.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Recording art

Not doing such a good job of keeping up with things. Yesterday I took a glass plate to the gallery (Liberty Bay Gallery in Poulsbo, WA) and I forgot to take a picture of it! Today I have been playing around with photos and apps  per Ivy Newport's Mobile Art Magic class on the Jeanne Oliver ning network....and came up with this one of my niece and her boyfriend. I'm posting without her permission but she doesn't look at this so I think I'm safe!

Also made a big pot of chicken soup (unsalted) for our neighbors up the road. He is in the final stages of congestive heart failure and can't have any sodium. I'm afraid I spiced it up a lot  to make up for the lack of salt. I think it's okay...hope they can eat it!

Friday, April 7, 2017

A red headed boy

I love Sktchy!! A readily available supply of interesting faces to sketch...sometimes have to weed through them but I can always find someone interesting. This was a little red headed boy, probably around 18-24 months. And his expression was pure red head. I may have over done it a little, but it was a pretty cute picture from Taylor Robbins.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Okay, I did this one for I'm done!

Only one today

But I went to lunch with friends, did some errands (including taking a piece of glass to the gallery), put another glass face in the kiln to slump, and walked a mile. All without taking a nap....I must be getting better!

This is the sketch of a friend's grandson---he's got attitude!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

One more for today

This is a sketch of a Facebook photo, I think it's Maxine Waters. I don't know that the sketch conveys the sense of personal power the photo does.

One year ago

Was my last post on this blog. I guess I've been neglecting it! But I have been drawing and painting, just not much. I took a couple of great drawing classes with Paula Ensign on Bainbridge Island which I think has helped my drawing skills. Due to some rehab time off work I'm going to try to get more painting drawn and posted. In reading A Pacific Northwest Sketchbook I realize that watercolor sketching was and is my first love. I have a lot of acrylic and oil painting supplies and I want to get back into using those but want to emphasize developing my sketching. So here are a couple I did today, not particularly great. Meh! I'm not evaluating, just posting.  A quick sketch from Kristina Howard's photo on Sktchy

And another sketch of our neighbor's dog, Oly, who comes to visit during the day.