Wednesday, April 5, 2017

One year ago

Was my last post on this blog. I guess I've been neglecting it! But I have been drawing and painting, just not much. I took a couple of great drawing classes with Paula Ensign on Bainbridge Island which I think has helped my drawing skills. Due to some rehab time off work I'm going to try to get more painting drawn and posted. In reading A Pacific Northwest Sketchbook I realize that watercolor sketching was and is my first love. I have a lot of acrylic and oil painting supplies and I want to get back into using those but want to emphasize developing my sketching. So here are a couple I did today, not particularly great. Meh! I'm not evaluating, just posting.  A quick sketch from Kristina Howard's photo on Sktchy

And another sketch of our neighbor's dog, Oly, who comes to visit during the day.

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